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Sustainability: Political Rebellion

“We can change the system!” is the mantra of every politician ever. If grand reform was possible, the odds that […]

Update 9: Goodbye Rent, Hello: Tiny House, Website, Videos, and More

Welcome to our new website! You may have noticed the name change, we’ve officially consolidated to Ozark Permaculture. There are […]

Update 8: Half Way Up The Earthbag Tinyhouse

We’re halfway up the earthbag tiny house! The charity of our friends and family continues to drive the process forward. […]

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Water Filtration Station

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Grow Food Without Chemicals—Organic and Sustainable!

This ebook is the perfect blueprint to jump start your organic garden. By following the methods outlined, your fruit trees will produce an abundance of food while becoming increasingly sustainable over time.



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We’re Ozark Permaculture – husband and wife team, natural home builders, and permaculture designers. Together we are documenting the transformation of our land into an off-grid, permaculture homestead. We started from scratch in the Missouri ozarks with...

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