We’re Ozark Permaculture – husband and wife team, natural home builders, and permaculture designers. Together we are documenting the transformation of our land into an off-grid, permaculture homestead. We started from scratch in the Missouri Ozarks with 5 acres of undeveloped forest in 2016. Our goal is to live sustainably – autonomously producing all our needs within a closed-loop system. Through permaculture we know it can be achieved while simultaneously improving the environment, community, and our own personal health.

Our website is dedicated to teaching and empowering those interested in natural building and regenerative agriculture. Our growing homestead hosts workshops and volunteers for anyone interested in hands-on learning. Additionally, we offer products and services for those seeking professional assistance in achieving self-sufficiency.

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Neal and Elisha

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Neal Gist

Neal Gist

Engineer, Designer

Neal is passionate about liberty. He believes with the combined application of permaculture and technology that individuals can obtain an unprecedented amount of freedom that is impartial to the political, economic, and social climate. While his career has centered around software engineering and graphic design, he spends his focus on natural building, permaculture, economics, writing, game design, filmography, inventing and researching. 

Elisha Gist

Elisha Gist

Digital Marketer

Elisha believes the concept of working full-time until 65 years of age is unnecessary. She is an advocate of sustainable living which, among other tremendous advantages, empowers those interested in early retirement to bypass the conventional 30 year mortgage, utility bills, and food costs. Her career is in marketing and her passions include promoting positivity, cooking multicultural cuisines, yoga, and loving every animal that crosses her path.