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The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.
Bill Mollison, Permaculture Co-Creator

Deep in the ozark forests we are developing an off-the-grid permaculture homestead. The current focus is on our 1,800 square foot earthbag earthship. Earthbags are polypropylene bags filled with a super adobe cob mixture, laid out one row at a time and mortared together with barbed wire and rebar. After completion this type of home can easily last over 100 years with minimal maintenance.

Earthships are a special kind of home developed by architect Michael Reynolds that capture the natural phenomena of the earth to passively heat and cool homes without electricity. His theories, combined with permaculture techniques and additional construction methods, will ensure our family has a comfortable home without producing any pollution. In fact, by the end of all this we expect to be carbon positive.

While we are standing on the shoulders of giants and pioneers we are also excited to be implementing our own unique strategies, particularly regarding cutting-edge technologies to create a natural “smart” home. Give us a shout if you’re interested in gaining hands on experience, we’d love to host you for free training.

We have the potential to enhance the planet. Trees enhance the planet. People could go further. We could make the Earth sing.
Michael Reynolds, Earthship Biotecture Founder

Expect hard work and intense labor; building a homestead is not for the faint of heart. You’ll be wielding a pickaxe and shovel every day, digging up the super adobe cob ingredients and mixing them at the cob-making station. From there the adobe is transported by wheelbarrow to the earthship. Each wheelbarrow is unloaded into individual buckets, just small enough to easily transfer the cob into the polypropylene bags. You’ll be handling the bags, nailing barbed wire, securing door and window frames, cobbing interior and exterior walls, and probably a lot more. The specific work will vary depending on what phase of the house we’re working on – it could be roofing, plumbing, electrical – it just depends.

By the end of your volunteer duration you can expect to have the skills and confidence to go start your own earthbag house. You’re also welcome to explore the permaculture farm as it slowly unfolds around the property, ask as many questions as you want, get some exercise, and learn new things.

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